How to Select Modish Kurtis and Tunics As Per Your Body Shape

A glamorous appearance is not only about putting makeup and getting dressed with expensive clothing. In fact, it is all about how perfectly you are dressed up. When you are dressed as per your body shape and requirements, you will see the magical splendors emitting from your personality. It is a significant phase to select a dress, and in this regard a woman must be capable enough to figure out what body shape she owns. A woman being different from every other woman in her shape, has varying requirements for a smart and trendy dressing.

If we particularly talk about women’s clothing in Pakistan, the tremendous fashion dresses are there, but women are not aware of their exact body shapes. Therefore, it is a critical phase to understand your shape first, and then to select a trendy dress. Since, Kurtis and similar styles of tunics are enough popular in Indo-Pak subcontinent, and are equally appreciated internationally as well. This guide elaborates how to choose a perfect tunic as per your body shape.

Determining Your Body Shape:

With a few tips and tricks, you can easily figure out the exact body type or shape you own. Generally, there are five basic categories, a woman’s body shape falls into. These five are:

i- Apple Shape

ii- Pear Shape

iii- Hourglass Shape

iv- Inverted Triangle Shape

v- Rectangle Shape


Selection of Kurtis & Tunics According To Body Shape:

i- Apple Shape: If you carry more weight around the middle section, with a bit narrower hips, you are an Apple shaped lady. You have the slim legs that are your best asset. With broad shoulders, back and ribs, you look wider than other body types.

Kurtis to Wear:

i- You must wear the Kurtis that hide tummy bulges and suppress the middle section.

ii- V-neck Kurtis will elongate the torso and will accentuate your best features.

iii- Kurtis and tunics with skin tights or leggings will draw attention towards slimmer legs.

iv- Wear Kurtis with accessorized belts at waist to take attention away from the middle section.

v- A-line Kurtis are pretty enough to hide unwanted features.


Kurtis To Avoid:

i- Yoke style Kurti or tunic makes a focal point towards your broad upper portion, so stay away from it.

ii- Kurtis with fitting at the tummy side will create stomach bulges more prominent.

iii- Avoid Patialas and baggy Shalwars at the bottom.

ii- Pear Shape: Do you have narrow shoulders and chest with wider hips? Is your waistline well-defined? If the answers to all these questions are Yes, then you are a Pear shaped lady. Your goal is to enhance your shoulders and upper portion, while softening the lower body parts.

Kurtis to Wear:

i- Kurtis with collar add a volume towards neck and upper portion.

ii- A-line Kurtis will help out in minimizing the lower portion.

iii- Kurtis with varying neck styles including boat neck, square, v-necks etc. can be used.

iv- Soft and light toned colors of Kurtis along with dark color bottoms will ultimately enhance your best features.


Kurtis To Avoid:

i- Tight fitted Kurtis are not suitable as they make lower portion wider.

ii- Kurtis with printed bottoms emphasize the lower portion, stay away of them.

iii- Hourglass Shape: If you have a body with balanced upper and lower portions, with a defined waistline, your shape is Hourglass. All you need is to enhance your curves.

Kurtis to Wear:

i- Kurtis that flatter your bust look adorable.

ii- Straight-leg jeans or skinny jeans with Kurtis will enhance your legs.

iii- Belted Kurtis or the ones accessorized near the waistline, will draw attention towards defined waist.


Kurtis To Avoid:

Baggy or loose fitting Kurtis will hide your curves. Stop using them.

iv- Inverted Triangle Shape: With a broad chest and wide shoulders, but narrow hips; the inverted triangle shape (also known as Wedge shape) demands the dresses that draw attention towards lower portion.

Kurtis to Wear:

i- V-neckline Kurtis will elongate the torso.

ii- Simple Kurtis with embroidered bottoms enhance the lower part.

iii- Bright colors for the bottom along with plain Kurtis accentuate the lower portion.

iv- Strap pattern Kurtis look fabulous.


Kurtis To Avoid:

i- Kurtis with heavy embellishments near shoulders or upper side.

ii- Do not wear boat neckline Kurtis.

v- Rectangle Shape: This body shape is about equal proportions. Women with this shape have chest, shoulders, waist and hips all in similar size. The main goal of this figure os to create curves where required and show off the slender arms and legs.

Kurtis to Wear:

i- Sleeveless Kurtis or tops make an eye-catching look while showing off the arms.

ii- Tunics and Kurtis with skin tight leggings and bottoms accentuate your legs.

iii- Kurti with pleats and details to the front panel.

iv- Belted Kurtis or kirtis with patterns that define the waistline.

v- Kurti with flares add more volume to the shape.

vi- Short frock style Kurti with tight bottoms.

vii- Kurtis that add more curves to the figure.


Kurtis To Avoid:

i- Avoid overwhelming fitting of Kurtis.

ii- Straight Kurtis will not create curves- better to avoid them.

iii- Too baggy Kurtis are not for you.

Get Exquisite Kurtis and Tunics After Determining Body Shape:

When you have determined your figure, the next phase is to get an adorable Kurti or tunic collection for your wardrobe. In Pakistan, the top notch designers and brands are producing the best styles of Kurtis and tunics. You can experiment with colors of Rozina Munib designer collection. Then, for formal touch, try Silk by Fawad Khan, Threads and Motifs and a lot of other brands.  So, get ready for a great style of Kurtis in accordance with your body shape.


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