6 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Know About

The handbag is one of the ‘must’ accessories, that a woman feels incomplete without. Having a modish bag adds a luxury and elegance to your style statement. Alongside emerging fashion trends, the designers have done a lot in bringing out innovative handbags collection. Such chic and trendy bags would definitely add a classic beauty to your overall personality. But selecting an appropriate bag is an important thing to know about. A bag is enough to make or break your fashion statement. Therefore, I have compiled some of the basic types of bags that every woman should know about, and must have in her wardrobe as well. This compilation is done in accordance with international fashion trends, and new ladies fashion in Pakistan as well.

i- The Tote  Bag:

A basic tote bag is an ultimate need for every woman. This is a big sized one, with ample space to carry all of your necessary stuff. Usually, working women and college going girls are comfortable in carrying these bags with all their day-stuff inside. It is always in-fashion, and with modish designs, you can give a fashionable touch to your personality.


ii- The Cross Shoulder Bag:

Obviously, always carrying a big bag can be a bit uncomfortable for you. For the moments like hanging out with friends, or going for some outing, you may want a little carrier just to keep your mobile, keys, wallet and credit cards. A cross shoulder bag comes really handy in that case with its chic style. Taking it across your shoulders, you would definitely feel relaxed while doing hang out with buddies.


iii- The Satchel Bag:

It is usually a rectangle shaped, large sized bag that sounds too trendy. This is perfect for office going ladies. You would feel comfy in putting your necessary stuff therein, while having an elegant look.


iv- The Beach Bag:

You would definitely not want to ruin your favorite handbag by taking it out to the sands of beach. For a beach outing, you must have a durable beach bag in your wardrobe. This should be ample enough to carry swimsuits, beach-slippers and related stuff. It basically helps to prevent ruining your accessories on the beach.


v- The Clutch:

The clutch is a classic fashion accessory. Without any straps, it is a small purse that can be  tucked under the arm or taken in hands. A number of customized clutches with accessorized touches are there in the market and you can grab one that suits your outfit. A clutch is suitable for any party or formal gathering. A little space it has, enough to carry your mobile and credit card. With lovely formal dresses, like black and gold dress with beautiful embellishments or other party wears, the clutch is perfect to go with.


vi- The Gym Bag:

A sports or gym bag has almost the same meaning, that is large enough to carry all sports or gym related accessories. Your water-bottle, clothes, towel, etc. all can be kept inside this bag easily. With lovely colors that define your personality, you must have this bag in your wardrobe to make your fitness routine comfortable.